Nothing New Here

I recently received some negative feedback on one of my posts for Our Crossroads. At first, I was a bit befuzzled  because the author had just posted some positive feedback, but must of changed his mind because he wrote the following comment:

“On second thought, no. This is the same message as every single one of your blogs. Nothing new. I don’t know why I subscribe to your blog in the first place.”hate mail

Ouch! Well, my Mama always told me you can’t win them all. Unfortunately for my critic, I not only was not insulted by his comment, but I actually agree with him 100%.

This blog was created for one purpose. To share my experiences with alcoholism and how Jesus Christ saved my life. That’s it. There is nothing else I want to get across more on this blog than the fact that Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the light! There is nothing bigger, nothing more pressing, NOTHING else I feel is more important to write about than this. It is the purpose of me writing in the first place.

So, my only response to this bit of intended “insult” is: Yes! Thank you for noticing!

A few years ago I use to hate when people talked about God. If I heard anyone mention religion, Jesus, or anything about “saving souls,” you would find me running in the other direction. I thought churches existed for two reasons: 1. To judge people. 2. To get money. I use to joke that if I stepped into a church I would probably start on fire. It was fine to believe in God, (I thought I believed just fine) but for Pete Sake, keep it to yourself! jesus freak

Jesus Freaks.

I didn’t think I needed God. I lived for the world. Stuff and things, jobs, boyfriends. I based my self worth on what others thought of me. I chased relationships, money, and status. I was self involved, self-serving and always involved in some sort of drama. Then I started drinking and nearly drank myself to death trying to find…something.  I did it all with a fake smile slapped across my face wondering why my life felt so empty.

I use to hate when people said they “found Jesus.” I always wondered where He had gone, that they had to “find” Him. But I get it now. The things He has done to change my life since I “found” Him are beyond anything I ever dreamed. My old life and my new life were night and day, and people noticed. They wanted to know why, how, what, was the thing that had me transformed?new g

“But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.” (1 Peter 3:15)

 When I first started this blog 16 months ago, I tried to write it to please people. I was going to leave God out of it as much as I could, in fear of turning people off from reading my posts. I found that I had writers block. It would take me hours to write one post, and it just didn’t sound right. It was when I listened to what God had put on my heart to write that I could share my story. You see, my story is HIS story. All the glory goes to Him. 1347872136999181.gif

I will never NOT write about the hope that is in me. I will never change my story, share about a different way, or try to explain my joy in any other way. So no, there will be “nothing new” on this site. I write to share about Jesus Christ, and His story of love, grace, forgiveness, and new life remains the same. If this offends you, annoys you, or causes you to unsubscribe, it will not change the content on this site.

This is His blog, not mine.